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Voyage Too Far



We understand the cost in our hearts

When fog rolls in and covers the sea

Studied all the maps and all the charts

We just needed the time to be free


Spirits collapse and most turn back

Simple paths were never promised

Learning and evading the next attack

In the depths of the empty honest


Tread against wind and dried leaves

Crunching underneath boots in silence

Flesh remains separate and grieves

Stand and wait for the gentle sirens


Wet the stone and grip the handle

Grind the tired edge back and forth

Using the light of a single candle

Reunion in south but facing north


Witness glories fall and never rise

How the cold bites deep and numbs

Far beyond the screams and the cries

Listen with care for unending drums

the River

and the River says


before entering you


learn about life

learn about death


learn about yourself

lessons are offered

but few listen

the many that


learn only






Deep Woods



Trading the goods for food and bath

Enter the woods and skew the path

Black suit and tie to please the guests

Define the why, the trees, the tests





the tree



leaf snaps off

falls and falls

floats and soars

moment passes

strikes dirt


seeks roots


the tree

another leaf





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