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Cave timeline.

8 December 2022

The publisher's exclusive rights

to my short story

"Fireplace Mantel"

has expired and it is now

available here.

20 March 2022

Too many projects,

learning to focus.

12 October 2021

My short story

"Fireplace Mantel" was published today in

Chiaroscuro: An Anthology of Virtue and Vice.

Proud to be a part of this


12 November 2020

"Vacancies" was published in

Rise: An Anthology of Change

over one year ago. This means

that their exclusive publishing

rights have expired.

How will I celebrate?

By offering it here for free!

1 June 2020

It was an honor to have my

story "Vacancies" included in

Rise: An Anthology of Change.

The collection just won a

Colorado Book Award.

Congratulations to all!

22 April 2020

This is fun, isn't it?

15 December 2019

'Tis the season

of giving.

I want to give



Unwrap it here.

8 October 2019

Anthology is


My story is titled


4 August 2019

More writing.

Bouncing between

novel and shorts.

New short accepted

into Anthology.


 18 April 2019


Second novel is difficult.

So much learned,

so much to apply.

31 March 2019

Into the Deep Woods


Kindle for FREE for

the next 72 hours!

2 February 2019

Into the Deep Woods


Kindle for FREE for

the next 24 hours!

25 December 2018

Happy Holidays!

Into the Deep Woods


Kindle and paperback!



19 November 2018

Neatly Assembled Words

has been renamed to

Into the Deep Woods.

Kindle version is


Paperback coming soon.



1 October 2018

November approaching.

Neatly Assembled Words

is almost here.

First chapter of the novella

in the collection is available.



4 August 2018

Heart still pounding, hand still writing.

More and more excited about

Neatly Assembled Words,

first chapter of novella coming soon.

Lot of work on Adventure novel.



6 July 2018

Still alive, still dark, getting warmer.

Writing, writing, writing.

Editing, rewriting, editing, crying.

Neatly Assembled Words into sixth draft.

Adventure novel screaming for attention.



19 June 2018

Low and behold. Website created.

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